Coconut Love

Why we choose coconut milk over cow’s milk.

0DSC03201 milk

Choosing to consume dairy-free milk is a compassionate lifestyle choice.

0DSC03271 Sweet Potato Leaves

Coconut milk has lauric acid which is the same fatty acid in human breast milk, it contains high vitamin b’s, iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin c, vitamin e, good source of protein 1.4g of protein per 100ml, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, the list goes on.

0DSC03263 Basil

Some noticeable health benefits from drinking dairy free milk is clearer skin, lower auto immune issues, higher alkalinity, cancer prevention, weight loss and reducing exposure to antibiotics and hormones.

0DSC03275 hibiscus

Some environmental factors that influenced our love of coconut milk, we find our coconuts wild or purchase them from people who also pick them locally and wild, they are richly diverse, supporting local, organic and fair. Cow’s milk on the other hand equates to a lot of environmental damage, from deforestation and polluting water to high greenhouse gases.

Making your own fresh coconut is pure magic!
Try it yourself, find some locally grown fresh coconuts if possible, then it is as simple as blending mature coconut flesh with water, straining through a nut-milk bag, or cheese-cloth and enjoy ❤


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